Student Members

Student membership is open to all undergraduate veterinary students studying for a degree registrable with the RCVS. It is also open to postgraduate students who are registered on a full time degree course relevant to the aims of the Society.

There is a reduced membership fee of £10 for students. Membership runs from January to December.

Benefits of joining PVS student membership

  • Access to full PVS website and its resources
  • Access to PVS Academy Group
  • Part of the young vet network
  • Attendance to the meetings at a reduced rate of £50 for both days and evening meal (does not include overnight accommodation)
  • For each meeting held, there is the opportunity to register your interest to become a student helper which would entitle you to free attendance dinner and overnight accommodation.
  • Ad hoc support for elective and intercalated research projects

Information for veterinary students

1. Contacts at the Veterinary Schools of the British Isles. 

There is a robust network of pig-oriented faculty, researchers and teachers across the vet schools of the British Isles. As first point of contact and to discuss what options there are in the UK industry, please contact the PVS Student Liaison Officer Mandy Nevel.

2. Animal Handling EMS (Pig Placement)

For booking of your pig handling EMS (pig placement) please contact NPA in the first instance HERE (NPA)

NPA will take your details and come back to you with a suitable placement. If you have difficulties please reach out to PVS.

3. Extra mural studies opportunities (EMS). 

These contacts will give you excellent opportunities to spend your EMS time focusing on specialised pig practice or associated diagnostic investigation.

4. The European College of Porcine Health Management (

This is a post graduate College for specialist and academic pig veterinarians. It provides useful contacts for students seeking pig-related opportunities with specialists across Europe. 

5. The AHDB Pork board ( 

AHDB Pork supports selected summer and elective research projects for veterinary and other undergraduates based in UK Universities. You should make primary contact to discuss possible research funding with Mandy Nevel