PVS Autumn Meeting Registration Opens

Online registration is now OPEN for this November’s meeting in Birmingham. This is on a part of the New PVS website that is currently in stage 2 of development, which you can reach by clicking on the button above.

Irrespective of whether you remember your current ‘old’ PVS login details, you will need to REGISTER as new in order to complete registration for the upcoming meeting. In the short term, all other functions will remain on this site while the final stages are put together on the new site, so please keep checking here for news and updates, while your old login information will still work here for access to the members’ library section.

The changeover to the full new site will be over the coming few weeks so please bear with us as these changes come through - we hope this will be a simple process!

Please get in touch with Duncan if you have any questions or wish to raise any issues - webmaster@pigvetsoc.org.uk