Pig Sector Antibiotic Targets Announced

The RUMA conference today has brought together the latest data and research on the use of antibiotics in agriculture, including the finalised UK species specific targets for antibiotic use over the coming years.

PVS, in collaboration with the NPA, has been heaviiy involved with the discussions behind the scenes in order to create the overall pig sector targets that will be challenging for vets and farmers alike. The full sector report, as submitted and accepted by the VMD, is available in the PVS Documents section of our website, along with a copy of the NPA Pig Industry Antibiotic Stewardship Programme.

The latest VARSS report for 2016 was released this morning by the VMD, based on the sales of antibiotics within the UK, although it also has individual species specific data submitted by the relevant sectors where available. This latest report shows that overall sales of antibiotics for use within all livestock and fish that are farmed for food has already reduced to below the Government's 2018 target two years early. The 2016 figures show use was 45mg/kg PCU, an all time low from when records were first started in 1993, and below the 2018 target for all species combined of 50mg/kg PCU.

Additional information on the use of antibiotics used across all farmed species is being provided by RUMA on their dedicated website - www.farmantibiotics.org - and this will be kept up to date with the latest news as it comes through.