Notifiable Disease All Clear

The final tests are now completed for the investigation into the suspect notifiable disease cases and have all proved negative (21st March). All restrictions on the abattoir involved and the farm premises have been lifted, with full operation back to normal.

The possibility of a notifiable disease outbreak within the UK needs to be taken seriously whenever the alarm is raised, and the relevant authorities have been swift to act in this particular instance. The risk of one of the Swine Fever viruses (as was the worry in this case) entering the UK herd is currently high, especially with the entry of African Swine Fever into the countries along the eastern border of the European Union (Lithuania and Poland). All members are reminded of the importance of good vigilance while carrying out their work within the industry, with this latest investigation being a timely reminder of the potential risk.

Any further relevant information gleaned from the follow up meetings that will take place over the coming weeks will be communicated to members as it becomes available.