Making The Call - CPD Meeting

Early detection of disease and awareness of the main risks for introduction are key aspects in the control and prevention of exotic and notifiable diseases in livestock.  The Pig Veterinary Society is hosting a CPD event covering the key notifiable and exotic diseases currently threatening UK pigs.  This meeting will focus on Classical and African Swine Fevers, Foot and Mouth disease and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea.  It will also cover the reporting of suspect notifiable disease cases, the current main risks of introduction and international monitoring for these diseases.

This meeting will take place on 14th October 2014 at Stoneleigh Park.  Price is £80 for the day for non-members, £60 for PVS members.

Registration is now open and is found here.  An agenda for the topics and speakers can be found by following the link on the left hand side of the registration page.