LA MRSA Webinar from the RVC

A discussion of what it means for the pig industry

A two hour CPD credited webinar from David Lloyd one of the world’s leading experts in host pathogen interaction and the prevention and control of MRSA.

LA-MRSA has been receiving much attention in the press over the past few months, with media reporting fuelling some public alarm. This webinar is designed to give you an update on the subject and inform you of everything you need to know about LA-MRSA, enabling you to give informed advice to clients, your colleagues and others in the sector.

Part 1 will look at: the origin of MRSA, MRSA in humans & animals and the emergence of LA-MRSA

Part 2 will look at: LA-MRSA in the UK, Acquisition & transmission, and controlling LA-MRSA

For further information, check out the details on the RVC Website