Interactive PRRS dashboard now available on-line

An interactive dashboard focussed on GB diagnoses of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) has been developed by the Surveillance Intelligence Unit at APHA with the Pig Expert Group.

This displays data associated with diagnoses of PRRS from the GB Veterinary Investigation Diagnosis Analysis (VIDA) database from 2012 to 2017. The data include clinical and pig details from diagnostic submissions to the GB surveillance network. PRRS and other diagnoses are confirmed according to strict diagnostic criteria agreed nationally for each disease. No PRRSV-2 has been detected in UK pigs to date, thus all data described relate to submissions in which disease due to PRRSV-1 was diagnosed.

The dashboard is available on this link:!/vizhome/Porcinereproductiveandrespiratorysyndrome/PRRS

Together with the accompanying text on each page, this should be self-explanatory and we hope it provides useful anonymised surveillance information about PRRS diagnoses to practitioners, the pig industry, those working in disease surveillance and others.

Information on this dashboard is not relevant as evidence toward/against certification. Farm assurances for exports of pork to China and India are provided at premises level based on veterinary judgement.