Food for thought - online course

Our members are advised of a new online course being run by the RVC that is free to sign up for. It is being run under the ATP-ILHP programme and the RVC description is below:

"Wholesome, tasty, safe and affordable food has always been important to all of us, as consumers.  However, as we become more removed from agriculture, it becomes less clear as to who produces our food and how it can be produced safely and economically.  As consumers, we are left with many questions “Can I believe what is on the label?”, “What affects the price of my shopping?”, “Who is involved in producing my food?”

To help answer these questions the RVC is pioneering a new free online course open to all – “Food for Thought - The Truth about Food Systems”.  The course focuses on the UK pork and egg industries through themes that include food safety, traceability, production cost and the people involved in the industry.  Topics will be covered using a multimedia format, over three weeks, with only two to three hours recommended “study time” per week.  A certificate of completion will be available for participants who successfully navigate the course and complete all the optional activities."

Further details can be found at and enrolment is open now for the course to commence, at a time of your choosing, starting from Monday 24th Feb.