ASF confirmed in Poland

African Swine Fever (ASF) was confirmed yesterday in a dead wild boar found in Poland, near the border with Belarus. This is now the third animal that has been confirmed within the European Union (EU) as positive for ASF.

Trade implications for the EU are currently unknown, with various high profile meetings taking place over the next few days, especially with regards the current Russian ban on imports.

It is good news so far that it appears not to have entered the commercial herds in either Lithuania or Poland, and the relevant authorities are on high alert. There are also calls for European funding for biosecurity measures to be improved at the nearby borders.

As a reminder, the UK response to the direct threat/discovery of ASF in the UK can be found from Defra on their website.

The OIE, as the main animal heath reporting agency, has up to date information on its website, for which the latest info on the ASF cases in Poland can be found here.

BPEX has published some details on how the UK industry should prepare itself for the potential problems ahead - they can be found on their website.