ASF confirmed in Lithuania

As a result of routine surveillance on wild boars in Lithuania, two animals have been confirmed as positive for African Swine Fever (ASF) on the 24th January.

The comparative closeness of these cases to Poland (under 200km) does give some cause for concern, given the wild ranges of boar and the integration into the European Community. The incursion of wild boar, and potentially ASF, into Poland is a very real risk and needs to be kept in mind for foreign travel of all people involved in the UK pig industry.

The UK response to the direct threat/discovery of ASF in the UK can be found from Defra on their website.

The OIE, as the main animal heath reporting agency, has up to date information on its website, for which the latest info on ASF can be found here.

NPA and BPEX are currently working hard to establish what control strategies are in place, and PVS will keep you up to date with their findings and as progress is made through Defra and the animal health services.