ASF confirmed in Belgium

It has been confirmed today that African Swine Fever (ASF) has been detected in tests carried out on wild boar in the south eastern part of Belgium - this constitutes a large jump westwards from where ASF has been circulating within the Eastern EU Member Countries since 2014. This would indicate that the spread is most likely to be due to the movement of the virus on fomites or infected meat products, although further investigations are currently underway.

A brief summary webpage has been posted by AHDB Pork at

The new finding in Belgium and the continued and increasing ASF infection in Eastern & Central Europe emphasise the need to raise awareness amongst pig keepers in UK and across Europe of the need for them to take stringent external biosecurity precautions to reduce the risk of introduction. These messages, and the importance of not feeding catering, kitchen or domestic waste to pigs have been highlighted in past public communications and making sure that UK pig farmers and keepers are aware of these is vital:

An ASF poster is available for pig keepers summarising this information which you may wish to use: and the EU has produced an animated video to underline key messages:

There are images of clinical signs and pathology of African Swine Fever on this link to remind you what is looks like:

If a pig keeper or vet suspects African swine fever, it must be reported to APHA immediately as indicated below:

In England: Defra Rural Services Helpline on 03000 200 301
In Wales: APHA on 0300 303 8268
In Scotland: contact the local APHA Field Services Office