2014 Annual Dues and New Website

Happy New Year for 2014 to all our members - we hope you managed at least a few days of rest over the festive period and are geared up for a great year ahead.

As many of you are aware, we were aiming to be on the new website by now, along with having all our subscriptions payable online for 2014. Due to some issues with the testing of our full new website, we have had to put this on hold slightly. We still aim to be live with the site within the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime the following applies:-

If you have a current Direct Debit that usually goes out in January
This will still be in effect so your payment will be taken as normal - your details of expiry date will be updated manually on the database and all will be well with full access to all member services

If you have a current Direct Debit that usually goes out in ANY other month
This will be cancelled and you will need to pay via the new website using SagePay - this will be live very shortly and your details on the database will be updated when you pay

If you have never set up a Direct Debit, or usually pay by card or cheque
You will need to pay via the new website over the coming weeks

Members are reminded that PVS membership runs annually from 1st January, so all members will need to renew over the coming weeks to keep their membership current. Janice, Paul and Duncan will check all Direct Debits for full payment in late January, with any member who's payment does not come through being contacted with details of what to do next.

Any questions or queries, please get in touch with Duncan